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Pasta Machinery

Since the year 2000 SATELLITE PLASTIC INDUSTRIES has added a new dimensions by introducing Pasta and Noodle Machines in India . Every household today is aware of Pasta and Noodles. With time to come a Pasta Machine will be found in your kitchen next to your Toaster or Juicer Grinder. Making fresh Pasta and eating fresh Pasta is not only healthy but wholesome diet for the children.

SATELLITE offers small Pasta and Noodle Machine from MARCATO, Italy which are good for Hotel, Restaurants, Fast Foods, Caterers and so on. We also have a small MARCATO Biscuit Maker for Bakeries and Bread Parlours.

SATELLITE offers Industrial Pasta and Noodle Machines from LB Italia for producing Pasta and Noodles and Packing the same for ‘off the shelf ' retail packs.

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