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Friul Filiere Spa was established almost 40 years ago as a manufacturer of dies for the extrusion of plastic material. The company now sells complete, turn-key systems all over the world to anyone looking for high-quality performance when manufacturing pipes and profiles, from technological extrusion lines, fully customised and guaranteed 100% Made in Italy.

  • Launching the “ TUBEEASY ” Centering of Die Heads.

  • Supply of the largest Microduct Lines in India at speeds of 100 mtrs.a Minute.

  • Largest Sheathing Lines in India from 2 upto 7 Microducts at speeds of 35Mtrs.a Minute.

  • New Pre-fabricated Homes using Light weight material and Recycled Plastics.

  • FFC Profiles – A new patented process using Foam,fibre and Composites.

  • State of Art-EDGE BANDING Technology.

  • Special types of Profiles, Pipes, Tubes and Hoses with Multilayer, Multi Component Extrusion.

  • Stand alone extruders and downstream for special application.