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Project Description



GNATA machines are designed to hot mark with coloured ribbon on pipes and cables during extrusion on materials such as PVC, PE, PP, ABS and NYLON. A wide range of models are available to mark from 6 mm up to a maximum of 1600 mm. Any chosen print can be produced using steel or bronze stamps, which are assembled on the heated marking wheel.

  • Marking Machines from 6mm OD up to 1600mm OD.

  • Possible to mark on Pipes and Cables made from PVC,PE,PP,ABS and Nylon.

  • Marking by use of steel or Bronze Stereos.

  • Customized Solutions Available.

  • Options available for High Speed Extrusion Line.

  • Make an undeletable Mark which stands out.

  • Laser Printers.

  • Most Reliable Meter Counters and Batch/Date Groups available.