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SATELLITE has been importing Dry Pasta Production Lines since 2006 and having successfully installed and started over 60 Lines at leading Pasta Producers in India.

THE DRY PASTA PRODUCTION LINES from Italy feature High Technology, Reliability and Flexibility enabling to produce besides traditional pasta shapes like Macaroni, Fusilli, Vermicelli, Shell also special shapes by means of cutting devices and additional accessories.

Our experience enables us to offer equipment and complete lines dedicated to a wide range of Pasta with outputs from 30 Kgs upto 1000 Kgs. per hour thanks to continuous, fully automatic Extruders equipped with Centrifugal pre-mixers and vacuum extrusion devices combined with low-temperature, static drying or continuous drying systems.

Some small models of Extruder and Dryer have been sold to carry out lab tests or Training and Catering Institutes, Universities as well as to medium-sized companies already producing short-cut and long pasta, in order to check the raw materials, evaluate the dough mixtures and produce new shapes leading to mass scale production.

Also we offer a range of small hand held pasta machines from Marcato Italy ideal for Hotel, Restaurants , Colleges, Training Centres and of course households wanting to make fresh pasta.