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The extrusion division includes a wide variety of equipment for the transformation of LLDPE, PE, PP, PA and PET polymers among which extrusion lines for PP and PET straps, composite strap and for twine, cable filler, monofilaments as well as artificial grass.

All SIMA lines are conceived to offer to customers the optimum combination of quality and flexibility, based on more than half century long experience.

The Extrusion Lines are designed to ensure the smallest investments compared with their high productivity, to cover the requirements of many markets sectors, maintaining at the same time a high level of reliability and efficiency, of course assuring the top quality of the final products obtained.

  • Specialized in Extrusion Lines for Monofilaments.

  • Possibility to use 100% Recycled PET Flakes.

  • Several options available from 60 kg/hr up to 400 kg/hr

  • Monofilaments can be produced from 0.12mm to 3mm Diametre.

  • Monofilaments can be Plain or Crimped, Flaggable or Non Flaggable with several options for Wrapping, Cutting of Bundles and other options.